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Each book includes a free CD download with music specific to the material. These unique books are both fun and educational. Available in Kindle and Paperback.

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Meet the Orchestra

Includes a FREE music CD download (a $14.99 value).

Discover the instruments of the orchestra, star constellations, and Greek myths in this unique book by award-winning composer Jonathan Peters. Included is a downloadable music CD which received a starred review from School Library Journal, and a downloadable teacher’s guide for optional classroom use.

Children will enjoy hearing each instrument of the orchestra musically portray the Greek myths from many different star constellations, culminating in the finale “the night sky” performed by the entire orchestra. Read along or listen to the Greek myths as they are narrated on the downloadable CD. Following each myth are pages containing information on the instruments used to tell the story, and interesting facts about the constellations. Delight in over 70 full color images including: photographs of each instrument, illustrations of mythological characters, diagrams of star constellation with star names, and gorgeous pictures of outer space. Truly a beautiful book, appropriate for all ages!

A Day Among the Bugs

Includes seven FREE music tracks.

Journey along as the books’ character spends a day in nature discovering the wonderful world of bugs!

Children of all ages will delight in over 100 beautiful photographs and over 100 interesting and fun facts about arthropods.

This book is unique in that each part of the story is also told in musical form with the accompanying music from award-winning composer, author, and educator, Jonathan Peters.

Painting with Music

An introduction to the visual arts

Includes a FREE music CD download (a $14.99 value).

Learning about the fine arts can sometimes be intimidating. Painting with Music is an easy to understand and entertaining approach that will engage both your eyes and your ears!

The book features twelve paintings from twelve different schools of art. (Renaissance through Abstract Expressionism) Accompanying each painting is a musical composition by award-winning composer Jonathan Peters. Where possible, the techniques used in the paintings are mimicked with equivalent musical techniques. The music is meant to enhance the viewing experience and captures the mood, emotion, or story behind the paintings.

Each section includes information about the movement in art history, the particular painting, the artist, and the accompanying music.

Children and adults alike will find this a very enjoyable and easy way to be introduced to the visual arts!