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The Sweet Sadness - songs of melancholy

The Sweet Sadness - songs of melancholy

by Jonathan Peters

Released 2001
Released 2001
Neo Romantic. Richly colored melodies, deep heart felt emotions - hauntingly beautiful. Instruments include: piano, violin, viola, cello, tenor, and soprano.
This CD is a tribute to the melancholic soul.

The melancholic temperament is perhaps the most interesting of the four temperaments and the inspiration for this CD.

This collection of songs depicts the melancholic soul in its entirety.

I say "in its entirety" because most people are only familiar with one aspect of the melancholic temperament, namely his somewhat sad and depressed nature.

Although it is true that melancholics aren't usually the most bubbly of people, there are many other aspects which go into making up this temperament, such as an inclination to reflection, deep thoughts, and love of solitude.

The melancholic does not permit his excitement to be noticed outwardly.

He is not superficial, shunning shallow things.

He is always seeking for the reasons and principles behind things.

Most artists and philosophers have been melancholic in nature.

The melancholic soul has a great love of beauty and is usually of a romantic nature.

Melancholics are very emotional and feel things more deeply than most people of other temperaments.

I have tried to capture all of the above characteristics in my music; the most important of which (and the drive behind this CD) is the certain sadness possessed by the melancholic soul.

This sadness is always at the core of his being.

It is not because he is morbid and depressed like most people believe, but because he has a very serious conception of life.

The melancholic is dissatisfied with the things of this earth and has a very strong belief in, and a great longing to find and possess some "ultimate good".

This then is the sweet sadness of the Melancholic.


"This is the best work yet by the composer. A listening pleasure with just the right amount of angst."
- Rachel Shunk (Fan)


"Soft, tender, and much appreciated for those who are melancholy at heart. If you like music in the minor tonality you will love this CD. It is a melancholy delight."
- Joan (Fan)


"Jonathan Peters does an incredible job of taking the listener through the different faces of sadness. Some deep and dark, some sweet but bitter."
- Michael Caseford (Fan)