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CD: Symphony No.1 - Journey of the Ring
CD: Beauty Beckons
CD: The Sweet Sadness - songs of melancholy



REVIEWS for the CD "Symphony No.1 - Journey of the Ring"  

I have been listening to the CD nearly every evening…e-mailing with friends, etc.  We even had a Peters v. Shore showdown, with "Journey of the Ring" pitted against the movie soundtrack. Result:  Peters by a landslide. The symphony as a whole is better even than I had expected, and rewards repeated hearing.  It is a very, very impressive accomplishment!  

- Jeremy Holmes (Fan)


Best Lord of the Rings CD ever! The Music reflects nicely on the book.

- John Bolin (Fan)


Wonderful sound story book!The music is wonderfully arranged and takes you through the story as though you were reading, almost pinpointing various stages of the story.

- Carlos Jimenez (Fan)


Excellent composition! This CD really captured the whimsey and drama of the books, but you don't have to be a Tokien fan to love this music.

- Rachel Shunk (Fan)


A beautiful remembrance of the magic J.R. Tolken shares within his books, and why I enjoyed them in the first place. The composition of the music spoke truth about the emotions one feels during these pinnacle parts of the story. I am very pleased with this CD and would gladly recommend it to anyone that is a lover of this story.

- Dale Foster (Fan)


Journey of the Ring is not just another soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings. It's more like a musical telling of the story. After the hobbits lose Gandalf and travel into Lothlorien, you hear it. The grief they are feeling, the awe they must feel at this mystical forest, it's all in there. Having recently read the books I was delighted to experience it again through Jonathan Peters Journey of the Ring. It's a must for any Lord of the Rings fan or any lover of Fantasy.

- William Wilson (Fan)


This CD is a beautiful, well-paced musical journey through Middle Earth, encompassing all the major events of the books. The themes are original and moving, drawing the mind and imagination to the settings, characters and events which inspired them. My favorite tracks are the peaceful harp duet of Lothlorien and the exciting, hoof-pounding tones of the Riders of Rohan.

- Jessica (Fan)


The "Journey of the Ring" is a life-packed symphony, filled with exciting themes which portray the lives and characteristics of those living in Tolkien's mystical land of Middle Earth. This symphony is masterfully written, portraying emotions found in the writings of Tolkien—suspense, joy, grandeur, happiness, and exhilaration! This CD is a must-have! Whether you are a “Lord of the Rings” fan or not, this CD is certainly worth listening to, for it is of itself an extraordinary masterpiece.

- Nathan Page (Fan)


An excellent rendering of the feelings evoked by the Tolkien work. The music is very good and the orchestration very well done. Could very well be used as a soundtrack for parts of the movie.

- Larry (Fan)


As a keen admirer of the LOTR series, I was very pleased with the faithfulness with which the music in this cd reflected the feelings, the aura of this popular and intricate book. The music flows freely, moving you along the tale with ease, packed with beautiful melodies and complex arrangements. Even on its own, apart from its inspiration, this cd is simply wonderful music. I highly recommend it to ANYONE; devotees of LOTR, or simply classical music lovers.

- Allison (Fan)


With emotions and colors as wildly varying as the realms of Tolkien's Middle Earth, this symphony captures the essence of the epic fantasy which inspired it.

- Jacob (Fan)


The most professional and enjoyable piece of fan music I'v ever heard. Most of the time when you buy a CD there's usually only a few good tracks out of the whole bunch. But with 'Journey of the Ring' practically every track is memorable and moving and it does an outstanding job of taking the listener through the many locations and events of J.R.R. Tolkien's books. It really doesn't even sound like 'fan' music. It's more like the 'unofficial soundtrack to the books'.

- Aronagorn (Fan)


This was great! All the emotions are so accessible, but so deep and true to the story also. Even my ten year old brother could tell what part of the story we were at by listening to a little bit.

- Madeleine Lessard (Fan)


Very good version of the story, great classical music, sounds like an movie soundtrack. Best of the music I've heard out there inspired by this masterpiece of a story.

- Anne Marie - FrodoandSam-aholic (Fan)





REVIEWS for the CD "Beauty Beckons"



"Gorgeous celebration of life and all its beautiful moments."

- Rachel Shunk (Fan)


"I have been acquainted with Jonathan Peters' music for quite some time now, and he has never failed to impress me with his artistry and creative ability. This CD, however, is really is his best effort thusfar! The music has a kind of "polish" to it, a completeness, that strikes the listener immediately. It is also amazing how he seems to move from one genre of music to another with such ease. One moment you are enchanted by this very "classic" sounding duet for piano and flute, and the next this contemporary, powerful theme music carries you off to "Don Quixote in America". If you feel that modern composers have lost that sense of proportion and "The Beautiful" which ought to drive all artists to create, then take a listen to this CD and be disappointed no longer!"

- Merrill Roberts (Fan)


"A great collection of songs that show what beauty is really about. From the sharing of stories with old friends to the romance of two lovers, this CD tells all. This is a great CD to enlighten you in finding the beauty that is everywhere and in everything. A must buy for any serious music lover."

- Aaron (Fan)




REVIEWS for the CD "The Sweet Sadness - songs of melancholy"


"This is the best work yet by the composer. A listening pleasure with just the right amount of angst."

- Rachel Shunk (Fan)


"Soft, tender, and much apprecitated for those who are melancholy at heart. If you like music in the minor tonality you will love this CD. It is a meloncholy delight."

- Joan (Fan)


"Jonathan Peters does an incredible job of taking the listener through the different faces of sadness. Some deep and dark, some sweet but bitter."

- Michael Caseford (Fan)